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Little Farm Global
Little Farm Global Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of crispy bread and jasmine rice crackers, serving both domestic and international markets, including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, and the United States.
Founded in 1987, ‘Little Farm’ began with the unique idea of using specially selected garlic, renowned for its numerous health benefits and long-standing use in Thai cuisine, to create our signature “Little Farm Garlic Bread.” Our unique recipe and crispy baking process have set us apart. For over 40 years, ‘Little Farm’ has been dedicated to continually enhancing the flavors and nutritional benefits of our products, delivering excellence to our consumers.
At Little Farm Global Co., Ltd., we uphold the highest quality standards, reinforced by international certifications. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our products remain a firm favorite.
It is never enough for Little Farm!
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Little Farm Global Co., Ltd.